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Conversations at the Girlville Diner- Paperback Book

With the release of her book Conversations at the Girlville Diner, Kim Bolton and “Girlville” now go hand-in-hand as a place to receive a heaping helping of humor and hope.


Also available as an eBook for Kindle
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You can download ALL of Kim's music here!

Scriptures Pillow Case

Decorated with scriptures of peace and assurance, this pillow case is a place to rest your head and your heart.


Kim Bolton: Author & Speaker - Live Speaking Session CD
1. The Naked Man Story (Part 1)
2. The Naked Man Story (Part 2)

3. The Naked Man Story (Part 3)

4. The Naked Man Story (Part 4)

5. The Naked Man Story (Part 5)

6. The Naked Man Story (Part 6)

7. Donkey Days

8. Give That Man Your Bible

9. When We Talk About You

10. Sing or Get Out

11. I Give My Heart Again (Song)

12. Goodnight Kiss (Song)

CD'S - $15.00 EACH

Let's Take A Country Road - CD 

1.  What God's Gonna Do

2.  Daddy's Old Time Religion

3.  Peace Of Mind

4.  Can't Take It With You

5.  PMS Queen

6.  Absolutely Free

7.  Angel Band

8.  Can You Believe It

9.  Jesus Touch Me

10. Press On

When I Think of Christmas- CD

1.  Winter Wonderland

2.  New Star Shining

3.  I Am, You Are

4.  It's So Good To Have You Home

5.  Christmas In Heaven

6.  When I Think Of Christmas

7.  Mary Did You Know

8.  A Different Christmas For Me

9.  The Seeker

10. I'll Be Home For Christmas

11. Christmas Song

12. It's You

13. When I Think Of Christmas (Reprise)

14. Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

Precious Moments with the Savior - Instrumental CD
1. In Moments Like These

2. Lifting Holy Hands

3. Change My Heart, Oh God

4. Glorify Thy Name

5. In Your Presence

6. I Surrender All

7. Abba Father

8. Set My Spirit Free

9. As the Deer

10. Sweet Hour of Prayer

Together We Can- CD 

1.  Goodnight Kiss

2.  Together We Can

3.  You Know Best

4.  Stop, Look and Listen

5.  Love Is The Answer

6.  Book Of Promise

7.  Safe In The Harbor

8.  I Still Believe In Forever

9. Just A Prayer Away

10. Committed To The Cause

11. Forgiving Heart

12. I Give My Heart Again

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